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PC Games And PC Apps free. download full Vesion For Windows 7,8,10,XP,Vista and Mac.Download and play these top free PC Games,Laptop Games,Desktop Games,Tablet Games,Mac Games.Also you can download free, software and apps for PC (Windows 7,8,10,XP,Vista) and Mac. Windows 10’s Bash shell doesn’t officially support graphical Linux desktop applications. Microsoft says this feature is designed only for developers who want to run Linux terminal utilities. But the underlying “Windows Subsystem for Linux” is more powerful than Microsoft lets on.

Can I play games on Linux?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by people who are thinking about switching to Linux. After all, gaming on Linux often termed as a distant possibility. In fact, some people even wonder if they can listen to music or watch movies on Linux. Considering that, the question about native Linux games seem genuine.

In this article, I am going to answer most of the Linux gaming questions a Linux beginner may have. For example, if it is possible to play games on Linux, if yes, what are the Linux games available, where can you download Linux games from or how do you get more information about gaming on Linux.

But before I do that, let me make a confession. I am not a PC gamer or rather I should say, I am not desktop Linux gamer. I prefer to play games on my PS4 and I don’t care about PC games or even mobile games (no candy crush request sent to anyone in my friend list). This is the reason you see only a few articles in Linux games section of It’s FOSS.

So why am I covering this topic then?

Because I have been asked questions about playing games on Linux several times and I wanted to come up with a Linux gaming guide that could answer all those questions. And remember, it’s not just gaming on Ubuntu I am talking about here. I am talking about Linux in general.

Can you play games on Linux?

Kde Linux Download

Confused? Don’t be. What I meant here is that you can get plenty of popular games on Linux such as Counter Strike, Metro Last Night etc. But you might not get all the latest and popular Windows games on Linux, for e.g., PES 2015.

The reason, in my opinion, is that Linux has less than 2% of desktop market share and these numbers are demotivating enough for most game developers to avoid working on the Linux version of their games.

Which means that there is huge possibility that the most talked about games of the year may not be playable in Linux. Don’t despair, there are ‘other means’ to get these games on Linux and we shall see it in coming sections, but before that let’s talk about what kind of games are available for Linux.

If I have to categorize, I’ll divide them into four categories:

  1. Native Linux Games
  2. Windows games in Linux
  3. Browser Games
  4. Terminal Games

Let’s start with the most important one, native Linux games, first.

1. Where to find native Linux games?

So, as you see, there are games developed for Linux. Next question that arises is where can you find these Linux games and how can you play them. I am going to list some of the resources where you can download Linux games.


A couple of years ago, when gaming platform Steam announced support for Linux, it was a big news. It was an indication that gaming on Linux is being taken seriously. Though Steam’s decision was more influenced with its own Linux-based gaming console and a separate Linux distribution called Steam OS, it still was a reassuring move that has brought a number of games on Linux.

I have written a detailed article about installing and using Steam. If you are getting started with Steam, do read it.

Kde Install


One main difference between the two is that GOG.com offers only DRM free games and movies. Also, GOG.com is entirely web based. So you don’t need to install a client like Steam. You can simply download the games from browser and install them in your system.

Portable Linux Games

The downloaded files have all the dependencies (at times Wine and Perl installation) and these are also platform independent. All you need to do is to download the files and double click to install them. Store the downloadable file on external hard disk and use them in future. Highly recommend if you don’t have continuous access to high speed internet.

Game Drift Game Store

Linux Game Database


Software Repositories

2. How to play Windows games in Linux?

Good thing is that with the help of tools like Wine, PlayOnLinux and CrossOver, you can play a number of popular Windows games in Linux.


Installing Wine in Ubuntu or any other Linux is easy as it is available in most Linux distributions’ repository. There is a huge database of applications and games supported by Wine that you can browse.



3. Browser Games

Games For Windows Marketplace Client

Apart from that, thanks to Google Chrome Web Store, you can play some more games in Linux. These Chrome games are installed like a standalone app and they can be accessed from the application menu of your Linux OS. Some of these Chrome games are playable offline as well.

Kde Games For Windows 8

4. Terminal Games

And if you are not in a mood to browse through hundreds of games, check our list of best Linux terminal games.

How to stay updated about Linux games?

  • Gaming on Linux: I won’t be wrong if I call it the best Linux gaming news portal. You get all the latest rumblings and news about Linux games. Frequently updated, Gaming on Linux has dedicated fan following which makes it a nice community of Linux game lovers.
  • Free Gamer: A blog focusing on free and open source games.
  • Linux Game News: A Tumbler blog that updates on various Linux games.

In fact, here are more websites Linux gamers should follow.

What else?

If you are still not convinced, I would advise you to dual boot Linux with Windows. Use Linux as your main desktop and if you want to play games, boot into Windows. This could be a compromised solution.

It’s time for you to add your inputs. Do you play games on your Linux desktop? What are your favorites? What blogs do you follow to stay updated on latest Linux games?

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